Julia Hartley-Brewer: Goverment's Brexit redactions will have absolutely no impact on the deal we get

Julia Hartley-Brewer says Brexit committee seeing full impact papers has no bearing on deal

Julia had a feisty debate with Remainer James McGrory over the Government's edited Brexit papers

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has said we will get the best Brexit deal that we can get from the EU - whether or not the Brexit committee has all the information from the economic impact papers.

She made the comment during a debate with Remainer James Grory, the executive director of pro-EU campaign group Open Britain.

The Government has released edited papers on the economic impact of Brexit, and Labour has claimed this could constitute contempt of Parliament. But the Government has said it has to make sure the release does not put the UK at risk in negotiations and that it is not commercially sensitive.

Jan said that "if they handed [the documents] over to the Brexit committee...it’s very likely that stuff would be leaked, it would be published.

“The European Commission, the European nations get to see it and then we’ve basically handed over information to the people on the other side of our negotiation if we want a good deal on Brexit, surely there's an argument.”

McGrory argued that the Government could have discussed the redactions with the select committee first as he’s sure members “don't want to hamper our negotiation position.”

He added, “I suspect though when it’s a big red marker pen used by ministers in Whitehall it’s not just going to be sensitive stuff about the negotiations” that’s been removed.

“When there are 29, 30 million people who work in these sectors I think people have a right to know what is going to happen to their sector of the economy.”

Julia believes “the idea that this in some way in going to change the deal that we get, or change what the Prime Minister or the Brexit Secretary is being pushed into trying to get... we’re going to get the deal that we can get from the EU, if there is a deal at all. Whether or not the Brexit committee has got information on this it has no bearing on it.”

As the debate got more heated McGrory also told Julia “even you cannot blame the EU for our own Cabinet’s inability to have a discussion amongst themselves about what we want.”

Julia hit back by saying “you support this organisation. You support us staying in an organisation, the EU, which won't even have the decency to have trade talks with us, putting spurious things in the way and is basically just seeing us as a cash cow and you’re defending that and attacking our government. I find that quite bizarre.”

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