Julia Hartley-Brewer leaves Green Party spokeswoman speechless

Friday, February 28, 2020

Julia Hartley-Brewer came to blows with a member of the Green Party this morning in a discussion over renewable energy.

Caroline Russell was left speechless when she was challenged on talkRADIO over what Julia described as “virtue signalling” regarding yesterday’s Court of Appeal ruling on Heathrow expansion.

Julia put it to Ms Russell that if the UK cut manufacturing and transport to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, it would only transfer the production of less green energy elsewhere.

The politician responded: “The point is, if we’re going to cut our carbon, we’re going to do it by making our world better and our world will be better with more renewable energy and with these good new jobs that are going to come out of making everyone’s lives better.”

When Julia pushed “can you address the point I actually made to you?” she was met with silence.

Ms Russell, who is the party’s transport spokeswoman, then said: “You are trying to make out that if we don’t build a third runway at Heathrow then we are going to end up with importing lots of bad dirty energy from somewhere else in the world.

“But actually, what we could do is make our world better with lots of very affordable renewable energy. That would make people’s lives better.

The pair also clashed over the recent flooding seen across the UK – disputing whether the wet weather was down to climate change or weather patterns.

Watch the full interview above.

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