Julia Hartley-Brewer on new holiday terror warning video: 'I don't need to be told to run and hide'

'Run, hide, tell message sounds obvious, but no one knows how they'll react in a terror attack', says travel association

A terror attack took place on a beach in Tunisia in 2015

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has suggested the police's graphic new terror video is unnecessary, saying no-one needs to tell her to run and hide.

The new video, which reinforces the police's "run, hide, tell" message, shows a firearms attack at a hotel and has been criticised in some quarters for its shocking nature.

Speaking to Daisy Parker, campaign manager at travel advice service ABTA, Julia suggested the main problem with the advert, which can be seen here, is that it's unnecessary.

"As a mum if I'm sitting on a beach with my husband and my daughter and I hear gunshots, I don't need to be told to run and hide," Julia said. 

"Is there anyone who doesn't have that instinct?"

Howvever Parker insisted the advert was necessary, saying "given the global terror threat, we think it’s really good for the public to be informed."

Whilst it sounds like obvious advice to some, "you don’t really know how you're going to react in the moment," Parker said.

"If it helps a few people it’s done its job, it’s worthwhile."

She added that she would advise everyone to "check the foreign office advice before you travel" not only for security information but also for cultural advice about foreign resorts. 

Parker's words clearly resonated with our presenter, who said at the end of the interview that Parker had "talked me round" about the video.

Listen to the full interview above