Julia Hartley-Brewer ‘salutes’ those who cannot stay at home

Monday, March 30, 2020

talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer has said she is “fed up to the back teeth” of people criticising those who are unable to work from home during the coronavirus crisis.

Despite the so-called “lockdown” imposed across the nation, which requires Britons to stay at home, the current law allows people to travel to work if their job cannot be done remotely.

Examples include some business owners, warehouse or factory workers and those in the construction sector.

To those people, Julia said: “I salute you for trying to keep this country going.”

She told her breakfast show listeners this morning: “I am really, for one, fed up to the back teeth with the bunch of middle class people who can take their laptops home…and then look down on people who do jobs that are out of the home to feed their families, put food on the table and to pay their rents and their mortgages.”

Julia said she was “lucky” to have been able to broadcast from home for two weeks, and went on to warn that Britain “must not become a nation that wags our finger at other people because they’re doing what they need to do”.

She added: “I tell you what, those middle class people who are angry at other people going to work, they’re not angry when they’ve got someone in their local Waitrose who’s serving them.

“They’re not angry about the people delivering on Ocado, are they? They’re not angry when their local fresh butchers is still open.

“They seem to be very, very picky about who they want to be working and who they don’t. I think it’s time that those people need to wake up and realise that most people don’t have jobs like them.”

Meanwhile, the government has faced calls to close sectors deemed “non-essential” to further reduce travel, particularly on London’s public transport network.

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