Julia Hartley-Brewer says anyone who's been to Syria or Iraq to fight should be behind bars

Julia Hartley-Brewer says anyone who's been to Syria or Iraq should be watched 24/7

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has called for those who have travelled to countries such as Syria or Iraq to be watched by security services every second of the day - and said anyone who went there to fight should be in prison.

She made the comments whilst talking to The Times' chief reporter Sean O'Neill, about the background of the Manchester terrorist Salman Abedi.

Friends of Abedi have said he had recently returned from Libya, where the terrorists behind the 2015 Tunisia beach massacre trained, and France's interior minister says there is concrete intelligence that he had also been to Syria.

Julia suggested the vast majority of British people would support an increase in tax to fund extra security surveillance of people who've returned from Iraq and Syria, and said anyone who went there as a combatant should be incarcerated on their return.

However O'Neill said this could be impractical as there is often little firm evidence to prosecute such individuals, and suggested we'd need something akin to the East German Stasi - the secret police who patrolled East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall - to monitor them all.

O'Neill said some Libyans refer to Manchester as 'Libya's second city' given the huge Libyan diaspora in the city, and there is lots of travel from Manchester to Libya for family and bvusiness reasons.

He told talkRADIO that the exact nature, and purpose, of Abedia's trip to the country will now be crucial to the investigation.

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