Julia Hartley-Brewer says 'heads should roll' after police failed to disclose key evidence in student rape case

Julia Hartley-Brewer says 'heads should roll' over police failing to disclose evidence in rape case

Liam Allan has been cleared of rape (Stock image)

Friday, December 15, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has said "heads should roll" over a rape case where police failed to disclose evidence and the woman making a false rape allegation should be put "behind bars."

Our presenter was talking about the case of Liam Allan, a student who was falsely accused of rape, with Jerry Hayes, a lawyer who worked on the case.

Hayes, a former MP, was prosecuting on the case, but insisted that crucial phone evidence be released - leading to Allan's acquittal. 

The evidence showed Allan's accuser had sent him messages about casual and violent sex as well as wanting to be raped. A judge ordered a review into the police and an inquiry into the Crown Prosecution Service for its handling of the case.

Julia said: “The judge in this case says he wants an inquiry. I think heads should roll.

“We know his name and we know what he looks like, we don’t know the woman’s name and we don’t know what she looks like.

"Now I’m sorry, she needs to go behind bars and she needs to go behind bars for a very long time for making this false accusation.

“Every time a woman makes a false allegation...these women undermine the genuine cases.”

Hayes also said: “The police don’t seem to even in this day and age seem to understand that they have a duty of disclosure.

“I think if there’s evidence there or something there, it may not have been anything at all, but the defence should have the opportunity of looking at it.”

He also revealed “really it’s the most appalling case that I’ve ever seen.”

The barrister also believes “there should be anonymity for anyone accused of a sexual crime” unless a judge rules more people will come forward if the name is released.

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