Julia Hartley-Brewer says it's terrifying not to be shocked by Donald Trump endorsing Roy Moore

Julia Hartley-Brewer says it's terrifying not to be shocked by Donald Trump endorsing Roy Moore

Donald Trump has endorsed Roy Moore

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has said she doesn't find it shocking that Donald Trump is backing a man accused of sexual assault, but that in itself is terrifying. 

She made the comments whilst talking to Kate Andrews, a US political commentator. Trump has endorsed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, despite him being accused of sexually assaulting minors. 

Moore has denied the allegations. The US Ambassador to the UK has also said Trump is expected to visit Britain in the new year, following speculation about whether the trip would still go ahead after a disagreement between the US President and Theresa May over Britain First tweets.

Julia said: “It doesn't shock me that Donald Trump is backing a man who’s been basically accused of sexually grooming 14-year olds, that doesn’t shock me and I find that terrifying.”

But Andrews also said she thinks “if Roy Moore does get elected the Republican Party has thrown itself under the bus.” She fears "that this is exactly what the politics of Donald Trump does” because of the idea “that in order for you to win someone else has to lose.”

She added: “There are some very unsavoury things about Roy Moore even without these allegations he was a part of [a book] that said women shouldn't have the right to be a part of politics.”

The commentator also spoke about Trump’s visit and believes Johnson spoke about it “to reassure...to reassert that Donald Trump is going to the UK.

“Let’s hope that the advisors around Donald Trump, maybe even Donald Trump himself know that the primary purpose of coming over to the UK is to keep good relations.”

She also thinks people are campaigning to stop the visit because “any moment where people can point to May as being a weak leader a lot of people are willing to capitalise on.”

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