Julia Hartley-Brewer shocked by student's way of celebrating good A-Level results

Julia Hartley-Brewer congratulates student who receives good A-Level results

Olayinka achieved her targets for results this morning (Stock photo)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer warmly congratulated a teenager who acheived her desired A-Level results today and was surprised by her plans to celebrate. 

Olayinka was a student at Walworth Academy in London who found out the results of her exams this morning. 

She told Julia what she got and her future plans: "I studied psychology, economics and english literature. 

"I was hoping to get A, A, B -  I got A, A, B.

“I’m taking a gap year to get more experience within law and then hopefully apply to University College London to study law."

When she told Julia how she and her friends planned to celebrate - a trip to the cinema - it didn't appear to be what our host was expecting to hear.

Listen above.