Julia Hartley-Brewer tells Grenfell Tower campaigner 'we all want justice... but stop demonising the Tories'

Julia Hartley-Brewer tells Grenfell Tower campaigner 'we all want justice... but stop demonising the Tories'

The Grenfell Tower fire happened on June 14

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer told a Justice for Grenfell campaigner that everyone wants justice for those from the tower, but campaigners should not demonise the Tories.

In an extraordinary interview with our mid-morning host, Sue Caro said she wants the entire council cabinet to be sacked, not just those leading it, and claimed the death toll of the fire is at least double the official figure - but those who know the true number can't say anything due to a "cover-up."

The Grenfell Tower fire took place almost three weeks ago (June 14). The official death toll currently stands at 80, but officials have said the full number won't be known until at least the end of the year, if at all. An official inquiry into the disaster is to take place, led by judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

Caro, a leading figure with the Justice for Grenfell group, has criticised the choice of Moore-Bick to lead the inquiry and even threatened to boycott the investigation if he is not replaced. She has also been vehemently critical of the council's approach both before and after the fire.

Julia told Caro "there’s no one in this country that doesn’t agree with you" that this is a huge tragedy, and it's "absolutely shocking what has happened."

However she said there is a risk that this will become "a party political issue" and an "ooh, nasty Tories thing.. [there's a view that] nasty Tories did this to poor working class people'."

Caro argued by saying "I don’t think that’s got any bearing on this whatsoever," adding that Kensington and Chelsea council has been run by Tories for years, so they must be held accountable.

She also said the new council leader Elizabeth Campbell "was part of the cabinet which took the decisions around the Grenfell Tower over the past few years" and therefore her campaign group feels "the entire cabinet should be dissolved by Theresa May" to provide new local leaders.

Turning to the death toll, Caro said that the issue of sub-letting is "a distraction, a red herring" which allows the authorities to indulge in "victim-blaming."

She continued: "From what we’ve been told by the people working on the ground in the emergency, there are at least double the number of dead already accounted for.

"We feel that there is an attempt to deliberately underplay the number of dead they already know about. I think people are putting their political futures and personal interests before doing the right thing."

She questions "why has there been no list compiled of the people who have survived" and can't understand "why can’t we identify how many people are dead or missing just from the official list?"

Caro believes concerns about compiling a list due to sub-letting is "a minor factor in the overall situation" and thinks it's "a very useful cover-up for the Government to hide behind."

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