Julia Hartley-Brewer: 'We don't organise our democracy around the needs of the people who run Airbus!'

Julia Hartley-Brewer

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Julia Hartley-Brewer reached an impasse with Labour MP Stephen Timms over whether MPs should listen to the concerns of Airbus regarding a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Timms insisted that he "cannot simply ignore" the warnings raised by Airbus boss Tom Enders in a recently published letter to MPs, in which it was suggested the company may leave the UK altogether if a deal is not agreed with the EU.

"We cannot simply ignore the very serious warning about what we're getting into if things go badly wrong. If the government isn't able to sort out the deal, then Parliament needs to step in to safeguard the country's interests," Mr Timms said.



"It isn't in our interests for very large employers to pull out of the UK."

However, Hartley-Brewer said the UK should not "organise our democracy around the needs" of Airbus, and proposed a bet on whether the company really would pull out of the UK post-Brexit.

"£100 to charity Airbus won't pull out. Do you take that bet Stephen?," Hartley-Brewer asked. "Do you not take that bet? I'm telling you Airbus will not be leaving the UK. £100 to charity if they do."

Refusing the bet, Mr Timms replied: "What Airbus will do is not invest in its plants for the future. It won't pull out on March 30, but it will gradually reduce its presence in the UK. That is not in the UK's interests and Parliament should not make that happen."