Julia says Remainer Dominic Grieve is 'talking nonsense' over Brexit tariff warning

Grieve appeared on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show this morning

Dominic Grieve believes tariffs will be hugely damaging

Monday, January 16, 2017

Julia said MP and former attorney general Dominic Grieve was "talking nonsense" on her show this morning when the pro-Remain politician issued a dire warning over post-Brexit tariffs.

Grieve said that, if Britain does not succeed in getting a trade deal with the European Union, the tariffs imposed by both sides will destroy our industry and prevent UK importers getting goods cheaply, leaving the poorest sections of society worse off.

Julia, however, said this was "nonsense", suggesting that EU member states don't want to destroy their own industries.

Grieve, who has previously argued for a second Brexit referendum, also said the free trade utopia envisioned by some Brexiteers differs from reality, and Britain will face heavy tariffs from countries such as China when it leaves the EU. 

Turning to immigration, he suggested that it will actually be extremely difficult for Britain to gain control of its borders in the manner envisioned by many Leave voters, "unless we turn ourselves into North Korea."

Listen to the interview above