Julia tears into MP Neil Carmichael for opposing grammar schools - while sending his children to one

The Government plans to open new grammar schools from 2020

Julia had little truck with Neil Carmichael's stance on grammar schools

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Julia had a rather fiery exchange of views on her show with the chair of Parliament's education select committee for his "astonishing hypocrisy" over grammar schools.

Conservative MP Neil Carmichael is opposed to the Government's proposed expansion of grammar schools - yet has sent all three of his children to one.

Carmichael began by telling Julia that selective schools "do little to help social mobility" and don't actually lead to an improvement in academic performance.

However when Julia asked him why he chose to put his own children through grammar schools, rather than the comprehensive system he advocates, Carmichael became rather flustered and the interview took a rather antagonistic turn.

Carmichael insisted that, in his county of Gloucestershire, it was "appropriate" to send children to selective schools - a point which failed to satisfy his interviewer and only made the interview more tetchy.

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