'Juncker is the deluded one': Brexiteers blast 'dinner party from hell' report

A report of last week's meeting claims Jean-Claude Juncker was aghast at Theresa May's attitude

Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker met at Downing Street last week

Monday, May 1, 2017

Brexiteers have rounded on Jean-Claude Juncker after a report of his meeting with Theresa May was highly critical of the UK prime minister.

The report, published in the German media, suggested May was deluded and arrogant about Britain's prospects in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations during her dinner with the European Commission president last week.

It also claimed Juncker told May at the end of the dinner that he was far more worried about Brexit than he'd been at the start.

The report has been described as a deliberate leak by Juncker and the EU to put pressure on May ahead of the formal Brexit negotiations.

However the article has been rubbished by Downing Street and provoked a furious reaction from Britons who voted to leave the EU last year.

Many people have suggested Juncker is the deluded one, for taking such a lofty attitude against the UK and over-estimating his own position ahead of the talks.

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