Junior Doctors strikes: 'Jeremy Hunt is only interested in Conservative votes', says junior doctor

Junior Doctors strikes: 'This is all about Jeremy Hunt being able to say people should vote Conservative', says junior doctor

Next week's junior doctor strike has been called off

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Junior doctor and campaigner Dagan Lonsdale claims it is the right decision to cancel junior doctor strikes that were set for next week.

The British Medical Association called off the strike after NHS England said there had not been enough notice given to put plans into place to ensure patient safety during industrial action.

Lonsdale told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer that this "was the right decision in the context of NHS England suggesting that there was perhaps not enough notice for things to be undertaken safely.

"I see it as a responsibility for junior doctors to stand up and say where there is a problem, and clearly we have a problem."

Lonsdale expressed the view that "the only thing that got the government back to the negotiation table last time was industrial action. I think it's really really sad that we are in this situation, and I would much prefer to se government and junior doctors working together.

"What this is all about is Jeremy Hunt being able to say to the electorate at the next general election that there is indeed a seven-day NHS, that he provided it with no extra money, and therefore people should vote for the Conservatives again."

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