Jury at Rolf Harris trial discharged after not reaching verdict

Jury at Rolf Harris trial is discharged after not reaching verdict

Rolf Harris said he was relieved

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The jury at Rolf Harris' trial has been discharged after it failed to reach verdicts on four charges of indecent assault.

Harris pleaded not guilty to the charges and didn’t give evidence, according to ABC. The charges related to allegations from three women claiming he groped them as children in the 1970s and 1980s.

The jury deliberated for four hours and 47 minutes but did not reach a final decision.

The prosecution has said a retrial will not be sought.

After the jury was discharged Daniel Berke, the solicitor for Harris, read a statement on behalf of the former entertainer.

He said: "Whilst I am pleased that this is finally all over, I feel no sense of victory, just relief.

"My wife is in ill health and we simply want to spend our remaining time together in peace."

He went on to thank family and friends for their support through a "difficult period" of time.

Harris has already finished a prison sentence for 12 other convictions of indecent assault.