Justice secretary reveals new policy to tackle criminal kingpins


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Justice secretary, David Gauke, has outlined his new policy of "going for the money" in an attempt to tackle the problem of drugs in prisons.

Appearing on the breakfast show, Mr Gauke revealed plans for a new financial crimes unit to deal with criminal kingpins supplying drugs to prisoners.

"We're going to have a new financial crimes unit working with the intelligence we get from the prison system, working with the police, to deal with the criminal kingpins that I'm afraid are operating within our prison system, selling drugs within our prison system, making money whilst in prison," he said.



"We're going to be working more closely with the police to  ensure we cease those assets and make sure that nobody can make money whilst in prison."

Mr Gauke revealed that drugs getting into prisons have "always been an issue", but that drugs such as spice were becoming harder to spot.

"One of the difficulties with spice, what you can do for example is soak an A4 piece of paper in drugs, and that piece of paper would supply an entire prison for a week. That's the level of difficulty that we have.

"There are steps that we're taking, for example, photocopying mail, photocopying post so as it goes in, so they're only getting copies not the originals, and making it harder that way.

"It's a new challenge. There's always been an issue with drugs getting into prisons, but this is a new level, a new problem. We need to take steps to address it and one of it, is by going for the money. By going for these criminal kingpins who can make a lot of money out of this."