#JustWWIthings is perhaps the most ill-judged marketing campaign in history

A still from a 1928 French film about the Battle of Verdun, one of several horrific battles during World War One

Monday, October 31, 2016

Those charged with marketing the new Battlefield game probably had the best intentions when they decided to launch the #JustWWIthings hashtag. But Twitter didn't see it that way.

Users flocked to attack the marketing team behind the game, made by Electronic Arts, for turning World War One, among the most horrific conflicts in history, into a cheap publicity tool.

Battlefield's social media team apparently withdrew the hashtag within minutes, but not before Twitter had been inundated with messages of condemnation - and some users had even taken screengrabs of the marketeers' own messages to remind them of their folly.

It is thought that up to 40 million people died in World War One, which forced soldiers to endure months in squalid trenches and advance into the teeth of machine-gun fire at walking pace. 

The hashtag was launched just days before Britain's national day of remembrance for the victims of World War I and other military conflicts, on November 11.