Kanye West's meeting with Donald Trump 'an act' to try and win moderate vote, says political pundit

Kanye West's meeting with Donald Trump 'an act' to try and win moderate vote, says political pundit

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A political commentator has said that Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump in the Oval Office was a ploy to try and win the “moderate” vote in the November midterm elections.

“I watched every second of it with my jaw on my belly button,” John le Boutillier told talkRADIO’s Jeremy Kyle.

“Do I understand any of the stuff Kanye West was saying about business and my life? I get upset when I heard him say the M.F. word [motherf*****] and the president just chuckled and let it go. Reagan would not go in the Oval Office without wearing a jacket and a tie. No one was allowed in there without being dressed properly.”


'Won't help him politically'

Jim Brown (far right) in the Oval Office with Donald Trump and Kanye West. Image: Getty

Kyle suggested it “degraded the office”.

“That’s my point,” said le Boutillier.

“Sitting next to him was [former footballer] Jim Brown, one of the greatest athletes in American history.

“He has a real problem with women, including getting arrested for throwing a woman off a balcony, and Donald Trump is sat there saying, he’s my mentor.

“I’m looking at this going, what are these people doing? That’s not going to help him politically.”

In 1965, Brown was arrested for assault and battery against an 18-year-old, and three years later, he was charged with assault with intent to commit murder after a model was found under his balcony. The charges were dismissed when she didn’t cooperate with the prosecutor’s office.


'It's all an act'

“I’m fascinated that someone can be the most powerful man in the world and be sat there with this guy ranting at him, when there are major things going on in the world,” said Kyle.

On his assertion that le Boutillier was “anti-Trump”, the commentator responded: “I’m really anti- how some people have accepted Trump and defended [him].

“It’s like a disease, they’ve been affected with this thing. If Kanye West was sat there [if Democrats had power] Republicans would be going crazy - ‘a rapper in the Oval Office!’”

He also said that Melania Trump's interview with ABC, in which she dismissed allegations of Mr Trump's alleged infidelity, was set up to try and win the women's vote.

"She’s very popular, people like her, they do feel sorry for her, she’s a non-factor politically," he said.

"This interview was set up by the White House in advance, and clearly it’s part of the strategy for the midterm elections, it’s trying to soften up the women’s vote. Kanye West was part of that too, it’s not to get the black vote, but the moderate suburban vote, the people who hate racism. It’s all an act."