Karaoke, killer clowns and Toy Story: The Trump-Clinton debate in memes

Second US Presidential Debate: Twitter reacts

Users on the site have created a series of memes to poke fun at the debate

Monday, October 10, 2016

As the dust settled on last night's Trump-Clinton debate, a storm of sardonic satire began to gather pace on Twitter, and it's still raging.

Many mocked the byplay between the two candidates, alluding to a rubbish karaoke double act. Judging by the quality of last night's debate, if these two ever did sing together, it probably would be rubbish, so the song choices were generally appropriate.

There was also the obligatory Toy Story reference, as well as the odd killer clown here and there because, as we've read recently, they're all over the place. Oh yeah, Britney was mentioned as well (nothing to do with the killer clown though).