Karen Danczuk says Virgin Trains sexism row is nonsense

A Virgin Trains customer complained after being called 'honey' by a ticket collector

Virgin Trains has been at the centre of a sexism row, but Danczuk believes it's just a storm in a teacup

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Political commentator Karen Danczuk says the sexism row which has engulfed Virgin Trains is simply nonsense, as there's nothing wrong with calling a customer 'honey'.

A Virgin Trains customer lodged a complaint after being addressed as "honey" by a ticket collector, and the trainline sarcastically asked "would you prefer pet or love next time" in a tweeted response - only adding fuel to the fire.

Danzcuk said she personally wouldn't have been offended, adding that the ticket collector might have had a hard day.

"We scream sexism for everything and what these people are doing is dilute a very important issue," she added.

However Journalist Rebecca Manning Reid, appearing on Sam Delaney's show alongside Danczuk, said such terms are often "designed to be patronising" and are clearly wrong in such cases.

Manning Reid also suggested there is a clear north-south divide on this issue - something Danczuk readily agreed with.