Kate Hoey: Bercow's resignation a 'light on the horizon'

Mr Bercow is set to resign on October 31

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Labour MP Kate Hoey has hit out at Speaker John Bercow, saying his upcoming resignation is the “one little bit of light on the horizon” in the Brexit saga.

The Leave-supporting MP for Vauxhall criticised Mr Bercow for his role in what she called the “weariness attitude” surrounding Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

She told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “The public out there who voted to Leave know that we’ve had a Remain Parliament, we’ve got a Remain Speaker who has behaved appallingly.”

Mr Bercow faced criticism yesterday when he decided against holding a so-called “meaningful vote” on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, which had been postponed on Saturday.

Instead, Parliament is now debating the legislation related to the deal in the form of the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

The decision was met with accusations of “pleasing one lot and not the other” from Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin, while former party leader Iain Duncan Smith accused the Speaker of adopting a “pick and choose” style.

The role of the Speaker is taken on by an elected MP, but they must remain impartial at all times.

Mr Bercow has served in the chair for the past decade but last month announced that he would be stepping down on October 31, coinciding with the supposed Brexit day.

Faced with the question of whether the MP for Buckingham may change his mind and decide to stay on in the role, Ms Hoey replied: “There might well be a revolution”.

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