Kate Hoey: Blocking Brexit is ‘beginning of the end of democracy’

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Kate Hoey said MPs trying to block a no-deal Brexit are guilty of “sabotage” and could be accused of being “traitorous” to their country.

The Labour MP told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer that Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament ahead of a Queen’s Speech on October 14 will not “make a huge amount of difference” to those trying to prevent Brexit.

“Reality is it’s going to be extremely difficult for them (Brexit opponents) to get legislation through to go back on what was already in law which is that we leave on October 31 with or without a deal,” she said.

“Some newspapers will lead as if it’s the end of democracy, it’s actually the beginning of the end of democracy if the people’s will is so overwhelmingly overruled by people who have never wanted it to go through and have never wanted us to leave.”

According to reports Mr Johnson’s proposal will be considered in a Privy Council meeting at the Queen’s Balmoral Estate.

The House of Commons is expected to resume on September 3, and should the Prime Minister succeed Parliament would only sit for around a week before it was suspended.

Ms Hoey said a second Brexit vote is “ridiculous nonsense” and yesterday’s Church House Declaration to prevent a no-deal Brexit proved there are parties and MPs who “will do anything to stop us leaving”.

“Many of these people are accused of sabotage, you could almost accuse them too of being traitorous to our own country,” she said.

“Every time they speak out like this and say we’re going to stop this that sends a signal to the European Union, who know then that if they can just sit tight, not actually offer anything, that they will be being supported and helped by members of the UK Parliament.”

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