Kate Hoey 'couldn't live' with Labour calling for second referendum

Kate Hoey

Monday, April 1, 2019

Kate Hoey has revealed she "couldn't live" with the Labour Party calling for a second referendum.

Appearing on the breakfast show, the co-chair of Labour Leave said if a general election was called and her party included a second referendum in their manifesto, she would be vehemently against it.

"We have a clear manifesto last time that we would honour the referendum result. We clearly haven't been doing this," she told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"I couldn't live with that if that was the position, because that's very much against what we've already voted for."

Her appearance on the show came ahead of a series of "indicative votes" taking place in the Commons today on alternative Brexit options.

However, Ms Hoey said it "shouldn''t really matter" what Parliament votes for, adding: "We took the decision to say we're not going to make this decision about leaving or not leaving, the people are making it."

Addressing Leave voters, some of whom gathered in Westminster this weekend to protest at the Brexit day delay, the Labour MP said: "My message to all people who voted to Leave and feel let down is don't give up, we will get there.

"It may take longer, but we will get there."


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