Kate Hoey fears judges are ‘running the country’

Ms Hoey's comments follow a series of court rulings

Friday, September 13, 2019

Labour MP Kate Hoey has said the courts’ involvement in Brexit was a “worry” and that judges could end up “running the country”.

Her comments follow a series of legal challenges surrounding the Prime Minister's decision to suspend Parliament.

The Brexiteer told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “Once [the courts] get involved in one area, then the next thing somebody else will push for another area... you know, judges are running the country.”

Earlier this week, the Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was “unlawful”, overturning a previous ruling at the same court.

A panel of three judges said the Prime Minister sought prorogation in a “clandestine manner” to reduce the time available for Brexit scrutiny.

However, an English High Court had previously rejected a case on the same issue, ruling that the closing of Parliament was “purely political” and therefore not a matter for the court.

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The Prime Minister has denied lying to the Queen to allow him to shut down Parliament and the government is appealing the Scottish decision.

The case will be brought to the Supreme Court next week; if it rules that prorogation was unlawful, MPs could return to the House of Commons immediately.

Meanwhile in Belfast, a High Court has dismissed a claim that the government’s Brexit strategy would damage the Northern Irish peace process.

Claims that a no-deal Brexit would undermine agreements struck by the UK and Ireland during the peace process were deemed "inherently and unmistakably political” by Lord Justice Bernard McCloskey.

Ms Hoey argued that it was a “very strong ruling”.

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