Kate Hoey: 'I will stay in Parliament until Brexit is delivered'

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kate Hoey has said she would consider staying on as an MP if Britain has still not left the EU when the next election occurs.

In July, the long-standing Vauxhall MP said she would “not seek re-election as a Labour candidate” at the next poll, which had been expected to be held in 2022.

But the Labour MP told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham today that she “didn’t want to leave Parliament until we’re out of the EU”.

“Certainly I wouldn’t be standing as a Labour candidate but I would consider something else perhaps,” she said.

Ms Hoey campaigned with Nigel Farage during the 2016 referendum and there has been continued speculation she could stand as a Brexit Party candidate.

In an interview with talkRADIO in July, she refused to rule out accepting a job from the Prime Minister, if he were to ask.

“The Conservative Party particularly know that they’re going to need support from the Brexit Party if they’re going to win enough to get a majority in the next Parliament,” she said.

“Labour of course is going to find it very hard up in the north and the midlands where people are just so angry at the way a leader of our Party who was a strong believer in leaving the EU has just been rolled over.”

Ms Hoey said “the genie’s out of the bottle” and it would be “incredibly difficult” to stop Brexit so close to the October 31 deadline.

“I do think the danger to our democracy if that happened now would be just catastrophic,” she said.

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