Kate Hoey: Jeremy Corbyn is ‘outnumbered’ by anti-Brexit MPs

Kate Hoey: Jeremy Corbyn is ‘outnumbered’ by anti-Brexit MPs

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Brexiteer MP Kate Hoey has said that she “still defends” Jeremy Corbyn because he is “outnumbered” by Remain-supporting MPs within the Labour Party.

She added that she knows “he believes in leaving” the European Union.

The Labour MP for Vauxhall told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “I still defend Jeremy in terms of his attitude towards the EU because I know he believes in leaving.

“I think, as a leader, he has been trying to keep the party together.

“He has had huge numbers of MPs who really want to wreck Brexit. He has gone along with some of that.

“He is outnumbered. He has got a Brexit secretary - Keir Starmer - who is an absolute believer in the European Union. It has been very difficult for him.”

On Tuesday, Mr Corbyn rejected Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement changes and said his party would not support a “repackaged version of the same old deal”.

The Prime Minister had announced the Withdrawal Agreement Bill would include "a requirement to vote on whether to hold a second referendum", leading to the resignation of the leader of the House Andrea Leadsom on Wednesday evening.

Ms Hoey said she was “surprised” the resignation had not happened earlier.

“Perhaps it would have been better for the Prime Minister if when those first rumblings had become quite loud that she had realised that she would not be able to stay,” the Labour MP added.

“I personally don’t understand why she did not feel then that it was the best time to go.

“She was determined - as she has been on everything to do with Brexit - and once she makes up her mind seems to just not listen to anyone.

“I think that has been her problem. She does not have anyone around her who is in touch with the backbench, either in the Conservative side or the House as a whole.”

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