Kate Hoey: Jury still out on Boris Johnson

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kate Hoey has advised Boris Johnson to be “absolutely clear and strong and tough” during Brexit talks with European leaders this week.

The Labour MP and ardent Brexit supporter told talkRADIO’s James Max the Prime Minister must show the EU he will not allow further delays.

“He has to try and convince them that he is different, and he needs to convince the country that he is different, and he needs to convince leavers that he is different. So far the jury’s out,” she said.

“Of course his position has been weakened over the past two years by the way the previous Prime Minister seemed to go to the European Union and almost give in before she was even asked to.”

Ms Hoey has also rubbished Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to install him as leader of a unity government in order to stop a no-deal Brexit as “stupid silly nonsense”.

“We don’t need a government of national unity; we need a government that’s convinced and going to get us out,” she said.

“Jeremy has had a very difficult time, his instinct is to leave, he has gradually had to shift and shift his position.”

She said the best thing that can happen to Britain is to “leave without any more delay”.

“Without any more uncertainty for business, to actually get out and I think we’re a strong enough country to cope with whatever happens after October 31,” she said.

Mr Johnson will meet with the leaders of France and Germany this week, ahead of a G7 conference this weekend.

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