Kate Hoey to Mike Graham: Britain will 'leave the way it wanted to'

Friday, July 27, 2018

A Labour MP has said she believes that Britain will leave the EU the way the British people wanted.

Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall, and a staunch Brexiteer, has been talking to Mike Graham on talkRADIO after Dominic Raab held meetings with the European Union to implement the Chequers proposal.

“I think Dominic Raab is a very firm Brexiteer of course as where many of the others - the two who have left. Dominic was a Brexiteer from the beginning, and I think he understands that he has to keep his party together,” she said.

“But yes, amongst it all, I’ve seen people depressed about thinking the government was moving to a soft Brexit, being Brexit in name only. The win in the amendments and to staying in the Customs Union was a really important issue and an important vote.”

The White Paper has been branded as bring ‘Brexit in name’ only, with some accusing it of keeping the UK too closely aligned with the EU.

However, with the amendments put forth by the European Research Group, who are strong Brexiteers, Ms Hoey now has the confidence that the UK will leave with what people wanted.  

“We are still going to be leaving, and I’m very pleased, there’s no suggestion from anyone that we should extend Article 50, we will be leaving in next March,

“As the time gets nearer in all negotiations people will realise that they will need to start talking, and hopefully the Irish government seem to be moving now, they’ve said that there’s ways of dealing with the border which we’ve always known there are.

“I’m not too pessimistic despite what we’ve seen,  despite all the negativity, despite John Major coming out of his box every now and then and Tony Blair. The average British person, solid, decent,  still hasn’t changed their mind and that makes me feel quite confident that we will leave the way people wanted to do.”