Kate Hoey: 'Ridiculous' for vote to go ahead tonight

Kate Hoey

Labour MP Kate Hoey has been a prominent Leave campaigner.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Labour leaver Kate Hoey has said it is “ridiculous” MPs must vote on the withdrawal agreement tonight after having less than 24 hours to scrutinise the changes secured by the Prime Minister.

The Vauxhall MP voted to reject the deal the last time it came before Parliament on January 15, but indicated that depending on the legal advice given by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, she may support this deal.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, Ms Hoey said: “It does seem ridiculous that we have taken two and a half years after the referendum to reach that decision but for the sake of another 24 hours we are not going to have the time to look at it in more detail.

“I know the Prime Minister had committed to having the meaningful vote today but she has gone back on so much over the last few months that going back 24 hours won’t make much difference.”



Ms Hoey warned that Brexit-supporting MPs will make it “very difficult” for Theresa May to prevent the country leaving on March 29.

She added: “Parliament abrogated its responsibility when it gave the choice to the people in the referendum and now we have to honour that.

“The law at the moment says we are leaving on March 29 no matter what happens tonight or tomorrow, that legal situation would have to change with a bill going through Parliament.

“If the deal goes down tonight and tomorrow no deal goes down there is still a lot if opportunity for those of us who want to leave on March 29th to  make that very difficult for the Prime Minister not to do that.”