Katie Hopkins faces deluge of criticism after blaming immigrants for NHS crisis

Katie Hopkins has suggested immigrants are placing an intolerable burden on the NHS

Katie Hopkins is at the centre of a fresh storm of protest

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Katie Hopkins is facing a fresh storm of protest after blaming the current NHS crisis on immigrants.

Hopkins, who lost her job as a radio presenter last year after tweeting about the need for a "final solution" on terror, first tweeted an article from her own website, in which she interviewed a doctor who claimed immigration was placing an intolerable burden on the health service.

Then she sent several tweets promoting the article, as well as posting a compendium of tweets from other users complaining about immigrants crowding their local NHS facilities.

The article has been praised by Hopkins' followers, who say she is right to address the issue. But it has also brought a deluge of criticism from people who accuse Hopkins of weaponising the NHS crisis to make a racist political point.

One respondent replied with the words "shame on you," while several others suggest Hopkins should have focused on the core issue of government under-funding.

One critic summed up the mood by writing: "Katie once again with her racist agenda. The immigrants I saw in hospital where my mum spent weeks before she died were the doctors, nurses, porters, catering staff etc who were all wonderful to her."

You can see a selection of the tweets below.