Katie Hopkins provokes firestorm after meeting Holocaust denier

Katie Hopkins provokes firestorm after meeting members of far-right group

The columnist met with members of Defend Europe in Catania (stock photo)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A firestorm has erupted around Katie Hopkins after she met members of a far-right group as well as a prominent Holocaust denier.

The Daily Mail Online columnist met serveral representatives of Defend Europe in Catania, Sicily.

The group - made up of anti-immigrant and anti-Islam activits made headlines recently for launching a boat to hinder the rescue of refugees from the Mediterranean. 

The aim for the group's decision is to send them "back to Africa", hindering the efforts made to bring the people to safety by the NGO Save The Children.

A series of tweets also showed the columnist meeting with Peter Sweden, a UK-based journalist who has been accused of making anti-Semitic comments and has denied the occurrence of the Holocaust.  

The decision by Hopkins has been met with fierce criticism from charities and bystanders on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly the story has provoked a flood of criticism. Read some of the most passionate responses below: