Katie Hopkins tears into Piers Morgan over Donald Trump Britain First article

Katie Hopkins came down hard on Piers Morgan via Twitter

Katie Hopkins came down hard on Piers Morgan via Twitter

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Katie Hopkins has torn into her one-time Daily Mail colleague Piers Morgan for an article condemning Donald Trump.

Morgan was a prominent supporter of Trump when he won the US presidential election last year, even coming on talkRADIO to say that the Republican is "not a monster" and we should stop abusing him.

However he wrote an extremely condemnatory article for MailOnline after Trump retweeted a string of videos shared by Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

The headline of Morgan's piece blared that Trump's retweeting of Fransen was "the very worst thing Trump has done as President" and described Britain First as a "bunch of Muslim-hating Fascists."

The headline added that, unless Trump apologises, "[it] makes him a racist and Islamophobe too."

Hopkins - who left the Mail by mutual consent last month - has tweeted a picture of the headline juxtaposed against an earlier article in which Morgan praised Trump because he "keeps his promises."

She published the two images with the tweet: "Flagellate. Fellate. Repeat. Cretinous by @piersmorgan."

Given that both Hopkins and Morgan are both prolific tweeters, we can't help but think this will escalate.