Katie Hopkins tells Diane Abbott 'you get flak on Twitter because you're cr*p at maths, not because of racism'

Katie Hopkins tells Diane Abbott 'you get flak on Twitter because you're cr*p at maths' not because of racism

Katie Hopkins spoke about her controversial tweets

Friday, November 24, 2017

Katie Hopkins has told talkRADIO that Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott gets flak on Twitter because she's "cr*p at maths" and not because people are racist.

The controversial star was live in our studio this morning and she told Paul Ross and Carole Malone: "As with so many people, Anna Soubry, Diane Abbott and others, if you put yourself out there, sweeties, you are going to take some criticism and you need to suck that up.

"Diane Abbott, actually, sweetie I know she did actually bore someone into a near coma actually on Question Time this week, which is unfortunate for Diane.

"The reason that she gets a lot of flak on Twitter is not because she’s black, we’re not racist. She’s just really cr*p at maths."

Hopkins also spoke about her tweet which she posted after the Manchester terror attack calling for a "final solution" to the UK's security crisis.

When asked about this she responded: "I think lasting solution would have been a much better choice of words.

"I didn’t really think about it, 7:30 in the morning we've just had an entire group of young girls detonated in Manchester for which, you know, we’re still here in this radio studio talking about one tweet from me.

"We’re not talking about the fact [that] we haven’t addressed the jihadi terror crisis in this country. We’re not talking about the fact every time there’s a terror attack we’re supposed to say 'oo Islam is great Muslims are great and let’s all be careful about hate crime'."

Paul asked her "who says that?" but she responded "that’s largely recognised as the narrative we’re supposed to swallow, you clearly have hook, line and sinker.

"I also noticed when Labour Palestine tweeted 'final solution' that was a-ok. So is it alright for Labour but not alright for a Conservative?

"If you’re worried about one of my tweets then I think you need to get a sense of perspective."

Hopkins has also been criticised for likening migrants to cockroaches, but told Paul and Carole "I absolutely stand by every word." She said "if you want to make the word cockroach about Rwandan genocide that’s you layering on that" and explained "I never said that. I meant cockroach in the enduring sense."

Hopkins also hit out at Theresa May's record on migrants and terrorism, saying: "Theresa May has come out recently, as you know, and said enough is never enough. But of course with Britain enough is never enough and it happens again.

"We are absolutely pathetic in the face of migrants and open borders and terrorists."

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