Katie Perrior calls James Delingpole 'deluded' during argument over Boris Johnson's Brexit plans

Katie Perrior calls James Delingpole 'deluded' during argument over Boris Johnson's Brexit plans

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Boris Johnson should have negotiated Brexit better while he was Foreign Secretary, says Mike Graham’s co-host Katie Perrior.

Breitbart editor James Delingpole joined them to discuss Boris Johnson’s comments that women wearing burqas look like “letterboxes”, which have been widely condemned.

Prime Minister Theresa May, Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis and former Tory chair Baroness Warsi have called for him to apologise.

Perrior and Delingpole first clashed over the word “divisive”, when she suggested such comments could be described as such.

“Divisive, it’s not even a word. It just means nothing,” retorted Delingpole.


'Brandon Lewis was virtue-signalling'

“It’s a slogan brought up by desperate people to slag off politicians they disagree with.

“One thing I was very interested to see was how the Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis made the mistake of trying to get Boris Johnson to apologise for saying what most people think about the burqa.

“They don’t want to be nasty to Muslims but they think burqas are not really an English thing. Brandon Lewis was playing that virtue-signalling game.”

“But Boris Johnson is also playing a game of saying the burqa doesn’t belong on the street,” countered Graham.

“The idea that there’s a politician on earth who doesn’t play games… I think Boris’s manoeuvres are better than Theresa May’s manoeuvres and he has the courage of his convictions. The big mistake would be if he backed down,” said Delingpole.

He also said that such firebrand politics were a response to “centrist sludge”.

“So what should Boris Johnson do next?” asked Graham. “I don’t think he should apologise, and I don’t think he will.”

“I think he needs to start ramping up the rhetoric about the kind of future he sees for Britain outside the EU,” Delingpole said.

“I think it would be a mistake if he talks about Islam again, he did his thing there and that was fine. There are lots of issues he could talk about, Europe is the obvious one.”


Johnson 'had no real Brexit plan'

“When I worked for him, there was no real plan of how to deliver the kind of Brexit we were working for,” Perrior interjected.

“You’re saying Boris should have come up with the Brexit plan while he was Foreign Secretary? Theresa May sidelined her cabinet!” argued Delingpole.

“I think Theresa May wanted that plan, she opened the box and nothing was there,” said Perrior.

“I think you’re deluded James, you’re absolutely deluded. I’ve never heard anyone give a coherent argument on how Theresa May could give us a better Brexit deal, if she could, believe me she would.”