Keir Starmer urges Labour to be ‘prouder of being patriotic’

The discussion took place on Zoom

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called on the party to be prouder of being patriotic.

Sir Keir, who strongly backed EU membership in the 2016 referendum, also insisted the differences between Leave/Remain supporters in the Brexit debate were “yesterday’s argument”.

The opposition leader made the comments during the first in a series of “Call Keir” question and answer sessions on Zoom.

He said: “On patriotism, I’m really proud of my country and I wouldn’t be leader of the Labour Party if I wasn’t patriotic.

“What I desperately want for our country is to get better. In the Labour Party we should be prouder of being patriotic.

“I think being in the Labour movement and being patriotic are two sides of the same coin and we shouldn't be at all worried about that.”

On the EU, the former shadow Brexit secretary added: “I regret the fact that we are leaving - but we have left snd I think we all need to adjust to that, myself included.

“We don't now know what the deal will be, what the new relationship will be.

“But I think that we have to accept that we have left and that Leave/Remain is yesterday’s argument - what matters now is what sort of relationship we have with the EU.”

Sir Keir will hold virtual meetings with the public in every region as he tries to help the party recover from its historic electoral defeat.

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