Kellie Maloney: 'If the Government says you can wake up and change gender, that's totally wrong'

'Gender reassignment could be made easier, but protections need to stay in place', says Kellie Maloney

Kellie Maloney says protections are needed for gender reassignment

Monday, July 24, 2017

Transgender icon Kellie Maloney has told talkRADIO that the Government mustn't make it too easy for people to transition from man to woman - even though her own ordeal was so tortuous she attempted suicide.

The former boxing promoter, who found international fame as Frank Maloney before transitioning, was speaking after women and equalities minister Justine Greening announced proposals to streamline the gender change process and de-medicalise it.

The proposals, designed to help give LGBT people equality, would remove the need for people to consult a doctor before transitioning. Critics believe the proposals would be too quick and easy.

Maloney explained: "I think to get your [new birth] certificate is sort of hard because you have to collect so much information.

"Mine came twice I think, saying I didn’t have the right documents. I didn’t have a divorce paper from my first marriage. They wanted bank statements. 

"You have to live two years in your chosen gender before they even give you recognition."

Maloney said the process is "very hard and very intrusive," adding she "attempted suicide a couple of times and one of the most famous times I was found in the street."

However she added that, while she would support the simplification of certain guidelines, "they can’t just say you can wake up and [have gender reassignment] I think that’s totally wrong.

"If you [could] just wake up and decide and get it done there’s no protection and some people could abuse the system.

"[For] my final gender surgery I had to go and see a psychiatrist and go through quite a lot of personal questions. But I do think that’s important because you have to be sure this is the right journey."

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