Kelvin MacKenzie: If George Osborne makes the mistakes I did as a newspaper editor, he could humiliate his party

'George Osborne accepted the London Evening Standard job to put himself in the spotlight again', says former editor

George Osborne will be the next editor of the London Evening Standard

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Veteran tabloid editor Kelvin MacKenzie has described George Osborne's appointment by the London Evening Standard as "absurd" and says it will "do for" the former chancellor.

Speaking to James Whale on talkRADIO, MacKenzie also said that if Osborne makes the sort of mistakes he did as an editor, it'll make life in the Commons tortuous for the Tatton MP.

MacKenzie edited the Sun for 13 years but his reign at the red-top remains mired in controversy, thanks to his decision to cover false allegations about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster under a headline of 'The Truth'.

He said "it is not possible [to do both jobs], it is an insult to people's intelligence. I don't know why he's done it, except maybe he thought once again he'd be in the spotlight.

"Look at this way. Supposing - and I know a little bit about this - the paper dropped a clanger. What happens when he goes into the Commons, when there's some kind of press regulation issue, libel action, something quite normal in a newspaper? It becomes a massive politicised event in which his party could be humiliated.

"Why does he do it? What is it within him that has to seek constant spotlight?

“Privately I know [the journalists] think the appointment is ridiculous and secondly it means they will be doing all the work."

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