Ken Livingstone blames Jewish newspaper 'lies' for Hitler Zionism row on eve of expulsion hearing

Ken Livingstone to face hearing over Hitler Zionism claims

The former London Mayor will find out his fate for his Hitler Zionist comments

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ken Livingstone has blamed the Jewish Chronicle and Labour MPs for the row which could end in his expulsion from the Labour party.

Livingstone will find out later today (April 4) whether he will be expelled from the Labour Party over comments about Adolf Hitler and Zionism. The former London mayor is facing a charge of "grossly detrimental" conduct in relation to his suggestion that Hitler was a zionist (a supporter of the creation of a Jewish homeland).

Ahead of the hearing, Livingstone told the BBC: "What caused offence were those people who opened the Jewish Chronicle and saw the claim that I'd said Hitler was a zionist, that I said Jews where the same as Nazis, and one week later, the article saying I had said that hating Jews in Israel wasn't anti-semitic. None of that's true."

When asked by the reporter whether he blamed the Jewish Chronicle, Livingstone said "yes, by printing a lie."

He continued by criticising Labour MPs who "initiated the lie that I'd said Hitler was a zionist."

Livingstone has been suspended from the party since April 2016, and now Labour Party bosses will decide whether he is to be kicked out of the party. Their verdict is expected this afternoon.

Livingstone has previously said he stands by what he said and has received the support of the Jewish community.