Ken Livingstone: I was London mayor for years, but I hate the mayoral system

Reports have claimed Theresa May could drop the Mayoral system

Ken Livingstone doesn't believe every city should have a mayor

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ken Livingstone has claimed Theresa May is right to attempt to stop the introduction of elected mayors in Britain's regional cities.

It has been reported May will drop George Osborne's policy of having a network of elected mayors, even though last week she said that such figures would give a "powerful new voice" to the West Midlands and Sheffield.

Former London Mayor Livingstone believes that, if these reports are true, it would be "absolutely the right thing to do."

"Although I stood for mayor, I didn't want a mayoral system, that's something from America," he explained. "It's much better to have a council, because otherwise you're putting all the power in one person's hands.

"At any one time in America you've got at least 50 former mayors in prison for corruption.

"Local councils should be overseeing their schools and their hospitals, the police service, instead we're getting mayors and police commissioners.

I just think power in one person's hands, you look round the world, that's how dictators work."

Listen to the full interview to hear Livingstone's examples of why a Mayoral system won't work