Ken Livingstone savaged by critics over anti-semitism comments on talkRADIO

'You can't be logical with Ken' - Twitter users hit back at Ken Livingstone's comments on anti-Semitism

Ken Livingstone has been criticised for his comments

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ken Livingstone has faced a brutal reaction from critics over his interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO.

The former London Mayor told Julia that Labour's anti-semitism problem was greatly exaggerated, adding that someone making offensive comments towards Jews was not necessarily guilty of anti-semitism.

He told Julia that some Labour members "have made offensive comments, it doesn’t mean they’re inherently anti-Semitic and hate Jews. They just go over the top when they criticise Israel.

"The people criticising Israeli government policy aren’t criticising people who are Jewish in Britain...they’re criticising a government like Jeremy Corbyn criticises Saudi Arabia for its abuse of many of its peoples."

Twitter users have hit back at Livingstone by saying that his definition of anti-semitism is totally incorrect, with some calling on him to look at the definition of anti-Semitism.

Others have simply suggested his comments in the interview were typical of him to make.

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