Kerensa Jennings reveals details of her debut novel 'Seas Of Snow'

Kerensa Jennings reveals details on her debut novel 'Seas Of Snow'

The writer and TV producer popped by the studio for a chat with Penny Smith (Credit: Twitter @zinca)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Kerensa Jennings has told Penny Smith all about her debut novel Seas of Snow. 

The novel tells the story of Gracie, whose life changes irrevocably once her psychopath Uncle Joe enters her life.

Jennings, a producer and director who has worked for the BBC, told our host more about how the book about, and revealed the driving question behind it.

She told Penny Smith: "Is evil born or made? That's the question the book tries to penetrate.

"It goes backwards and forwards in time. We see Gracie growing up. A lot of the story is about how she escapes into her own imagination. 

"The inspiration came for it many years ago. I was in charge of the BBC news coverage of the Soham investigation, and over the course of this time, I got to know in intimate detail the details of the case. 

"I found it very affecting, so over the years, I wanted to understand what is it which can make a person do something like this."

Listen above.