Kesha tries and fails to hug Jerry Seinfeld - and Twitter can't get enough

Kesha tries to hug Jerry Seinfeld and Twitter can't get enough

That awkward moment when your idol doesn't hug you... (Credit: YouTube)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In a day full of election news and fallout from recent terror attacks, there's one thing which has brought a smile to the faces of the Twitterati. 

It involves Kesha and Jerry Seinfeld, two people you wouldn't assume would be friends - and you'd apparently be right. 

Both the singer and the actor/comedian were attending an event called the David Lynch Foundation's National Night of Laughter and Song. 

Turns out the singer is a big fan, so she goes straight up to him as he's giving a press interview and asks to hug him. 

The result is not a warm hug and gesture. No, instead the star gets brutally shot down as her request is rejected. Seinfeld says he doesn't even know who Kesha is, which must be a blow to the pop princess. 

Here's the video of Seinfeld turning down the recording star: 


And Twitter just can't get enough. 

See the reaction below: