Key Jeremy Corbyn ally Len McCluskey rules out House of Lords move

McCluskey is famous for his volcanic speeches

Len McCluskey has emerged as one of Jeremy Corbyn's most vocal supporters

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Union boss Len McCluskey has ridiculed suggestions that he is planning to move into the House of Lords.

Speculation had suggested that McCluskey, the boss of Unite and key ally of Jeremy Corbyn, would be stepping down from his union role to accept a peerage when Corbyn names a raft of new peers.

However, according to revered political journalist Michael Crick, McCluskey has absolutely no intention of taking up a role in the upper chamber of Parliament.

Crick has tweeted: "Unite leader Len McCluskey tells me: “I can assure you I will never, ever go to the House of Lords.”

"He also denies again that he will be standing down at one of the two important Unite meetings to be held next week."

Last year McCluskey faced a leadership challenge from Gerard Coyne, but emerged triumphant - before Coyne was sacked for misusing data.

McCluskey has become famous for his volcanic speeches in support of Corbyn, once roaring "keep your hands off our NHS, you thieving Tory bastards".