Kezia Dugdale claims she was 'outed' against her will by pro-Labour magazine

Former Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale claims she was 'outed' against her will by Fabian Review interview

Dugdale claimed she had asked for quotes about her sexuality to be left out

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kezia Dugdale has claimed she was outed as gay against her will by a left-wing magazine.

The former leader of the Scottish Labour Party came out last April and revealed she was in a relationship with a woman, SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth.

Dugdale has now said she had been forced into this admission by a magazine interview. 

She said she had requested quotes regarding her sexuality not to be used in an interview with the Fabian Review, but this was reportedly ignored. 

The Fabian Society, which produces the Review, said it was "very sorry" Dugdale had been upset by their interview, but defended it in a statement. 

It made clear the "wide ranging and on-the record" interview had been conducted by an experienced journalist who had followed common practice.