Kidnapping victim 'killed by FBI agent' during rescue operation

Kidnapping victim 'killed by FBI agent' during rescue operation

Art Acevedo spoke at a press conference about the situation

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The FBI has released information about how a kidnapping victim was killed by an agent during a rescue operation.

Houston police chief Art Acevedo gave a press conference where he explained armed men kidnapped Ulises Valladares last Wednesday (January 23).

The next day (January 24) an FBI Swat team was sent to a home where it was believed Valladares was being held.

Acevedo claims one of the agents was trying to gain access to the building via the window when he dropped his tools, so attempted to use his assault rifle to get inside.

The chief said: "Tragically and sadly, Mr Valladares was right by that window [where the shot was fire] and he was bound and obviously with his hands in front of him.

"He actually grabbed the rifle, our investigation is showing so far, and started to pull at the rifle. When [the agent] felt he was starting to lose control, he discharged his rifle, striking Mr Valladares."

It wasn't until the agents were able to get inside that they allegedly realised the person who had been killed was the one they had wanted to save.

The agent who shot the firearm is now on leave whilst the investigation continues.

Acevedo said an investigation into the matter will focus on whether it was "objectively reasonable" to fire two rounds from the gun.

Three people have already been charged in relation to the kidnapping.