A killer cannibal is on the loose - and no-one's told you about it

The craziest story you've never heard - A killer cannibal is on the loose in Canada

Will Baker killed a man on a bus (Stock image)

Friday, March 17, 2017

You'd think with the amount of instant access we have to the news that most of us would have seen this story by now, but it appears not.

Shockingly, a killer cannibal has been released from custody in Canada without facing any charges, and many believe he is likely to kill again. 

Will Baker, also known as Vince Li, killed a passenger on a bus in front of other members of the public.

Manitoba police said the man suddenly pulled out a knife whist travelling on the bus and beheaded passenger Tim McLean.

He then proceeded to eat part of his body. Baker claimed that God had told him to commit the act - which possibly isn't the sort of instruction you'd imagine God giving, but never mind.

The man was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and so was not given a jail sentence.

Instead he has been sent to hospital and the court released the cannibal without charges, because it believes he is no longer a public threat.

However, even members of Baker's family have said the decision is wrong. 

They claim that if the man stops taking medication it is likely that he will kill someone again.

The decision was also found disappointing by witnesses of the incident, as they have said they do not feel safe.

Bar a handful of local titles in Canada, hardly anyone has picked up on the story. But rest assured talkRADIO will be covering it from now on and we'll be there with every update that emerges.