'Killer clown' arrested nearly 30 years after dressing up in Pennywise-style costume to murder female love rival

Killer clown: Woman arrested 'nearly 30 years after murder'

Someone dressed as a clown shot Marlene Warren (Stock image)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A woman has been arrested almost 30 years after she allegedly dressed as a clown to murder a female love rival.

In a case described as bizarre by police officers in Virginia, it is claimed Sheila Keen Warren shot Marlene Warren, according to the BBC. Marlene's ex-husband, Michael, would go on to marry Sheila Keen.

Despite the killing taking place in 1990 in Florida, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office opened the investigation again as there was new DNA evidence.

At the time of the initial investigation Sheila Keen Warren was a suspect, however there was not enough evidence against her.

Police claim Marlene Warren opened the door of her home to someone dressed as a clown holding a bunch of flowers.

But then the clown shot the woman in the face before walking to a white convertible and driving away. The car had no number plate.

Two days after the incident Marlene Warren, 40, passed away.

Police believe the new DNA evidence could prove that it was Sheila Keen Warren dressed as the clown.

Sheila Keen Warren married Michael Warren in 2002 and they had been running a restaurant together in Tennessee.