'Killer Clowns' armed with tasers rob pizzeria outside Berlin

'Killer Clown' craze: Armed clowns rob pizzeria outside Berlin

A clown (stock photo - YouTube)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

'Killer clowns' armed with tasers and firearm-like objects robbed a pizza joint outside of Berlin late on Sunday afternoon. 

Three men, two of whom were wearing clown masks, raided the shop in Potsdam outside of the German capital, tasering one individual and threatening others with "objects that looked like firearms". 

They stole the day's proceeds out of the till, before supposedly fleeing in a car, according to the Local.

Police have been unable to track down the men at the moment, and are searching for witnesses. 

This is the latest serious incident in the Killer Clown craze, which began in North America and spread across the globe.

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