‘Killer clowns’ murder at least two people in Halloween shooting spree - police

Friday, November 4, 2016

A pair of gunmen dressed as clowns shot dead at least two people in Mexico City on Halloween, according to police.

According to officers cited by local news outlet Diario Hoy, the first attack  took place around 8.00pm when the suspects, wearing clown masks, opened fire on the occupants of a taxi.

One of the victims died at the scene and a second person died after being taken to the local hospital.

A short time later, the ‘clowns’ opened fire on an adult and his 11-year-old son, who were trick or treating in the street. The father lost his life protecting his son, although the boy was hit in the neck by a projectile and had to be taken to hospital.

Police say there is as yet no firm evidence linking the taxi gunmen to the second attack, but several witnesses reportedly said they saw two men wearing clown masks shoot at the father and son.

Mexico has witnessed a spate of attacks by people wearing clown regalia since the so-called ‘clownpocalypse’ trend erupted in the US this summer. The trend, which has seen people dress as clowns to ambush unsuspecting passers-by, sometimes carrying weapons, has spread around the world, with several incidents also reported in the UK.

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