Killers bought chicken and chips after murder

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Two killers who shot a man and were caught on camera casually buying chicken and chips moments later have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ty Blake, 19, and 20-year-old Sharn Miles shot James Teer in the face at point-blank range on the evening of August 8 last year.

Blake, who pulled the trigger, and Miles, who drove the men to and from the scene, were told by judge Mr Justice Martin Spencer today that they would serve a minimum of 32 years in prison for the "brutal" attack.

The 20-year-old victim was just weeks away from his 21st birthday and had been playing football with friends yards from his front door in Birmingham – he died at the scene.

The “callous” killers were then seen on CCTV walking into a takeaway and ordering chicken and chips just 20 minutes after the attack.

A murder investigation was launched and police traced the defendants from a blood-stained tissue found in their getaway car.

Blake (left) and Miles (right) will serve a minimum of 32 years behind bars

It is understood that Blake has suffered a cut lip during the killing when the shotgun recoiled into his mouth and used the tissue to dab the blood – the DNA on the tissue provided a match and he was arrested six days later.

Miles fled the country through Dover port shortly after the killing but was arrested on 13 August having returned to the UK. 

CCTV showed that the BMW M Sport used in the drive-by shooting had been stolen from an address in Leicester.

Enquiries identified the involvement of Coventry woman Laura Malin, 20, in the theft, who was cleared of murder but convicted of burglary.

Butt of a shotgun found at Blake's home and tissue on which his DNA was found

Sentencing both men at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Spencer said: “This was a cold-blooded killing, carried out clinically and mercilessly, planned well in advance, in revenge for a perceived slight which offended your arrogant self-esteem.”

Police said Mr Teer was on the periphery of an altercation between Miles and a group of men in a Birmingham nightclub a week before the shooting and that the killers were “intent on causing serious harm to anyone linked to the group”.

West Midlands Police Detective Chief Inspector Scott Griffiths, said: “This was a callous and shocking assassination of a decent young man.

“One moment he was playing football and the next he’d been killed.”

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